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Follow sourcing is a highly experienced trading company.

With over more than 30 years of quality experience in Asia, we have developed ourselves as one of the leading companies in sourcing. Basically we can provide any product you may need because we work closely together with a large number of carefully selected and certified factories from all over China. Our goal is to make easy, not only carrying out instructions but above all, to advice, to guide and make projects effective and successful.

When purchasing products directly from China, things like quality assurance and control, logistics coordination and customs regulations require special attention. To guide this process as well as possible you need to be there where everything takes place, namely China. A hands-on approach is needed to spot small problems and to immediately take action. Follow has the experience and the know-how to take care about all this. We will help you to create big opportunities in China and let you build a healthy foundation to develop your sourcing strategy in China.

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