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Corporate Social Responsibility

We strongly believe that good business demands a good attitude and therefore our reputation is everything to us.

We nevertheless understand that there is more to a good attitude than reputation only. We believe that the essence of a good attitude is to reach out to people who are in need without expecting anything in return

¡°Selfless giving is to recognize that you have taken action in line with your spiritual beliefs by offering your resouces to others in need.¡±

Some examples that Follow Ltd has made are:

 - Donation for re-building a Church in China, Sichuan after the devastating Earth Quake in 2005
 - We provide financial support to a church in Hong Kong Tokwawan. With this help we collect un-wanted electronic & electrical appliances, furniture & other household items, fix and revitalize them for re-use. With providing these items we help the needy poor people and groups. Next to this we provide them food.
 - To visit a school for special cases and Children disabilities in Hong Kong and provide them gifts during X-mas
 -  Donation to buy a special car with equipment for a girl named Zoe in Taiwan, which by a very unfortunate way ended up in a coma. The car is needed to get her a few times a week to the hospital.

The are just some examples. If you require further information about our CSR program, please email info@followltd.com




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