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Follow Ltd produce-, serve- and import high quality food in Asia. Regarding import we play a role as a bridge in the markets between China and Europe importing products such as Cheese, Chocolate, Diary and various other products.

Importing into China requires familiarity with relevant procedures, certifications, and regulations, as well as corresponding challenges. This is all the more crucial when importing food products which are highly regulated.

Our vastly experienced team assists in taking your products to one of the worlds most rapidly growing markets.

We are not just an importer. We believe in partnership and our mission is to make Dutch Food and culture known to as many Chinese people as possible.

Our activities as a partner include:

- Market research.
- Develop new possible ideas and products
- Build brand and set up distribution (B2B and B2C)
- Set up a Franchise formula
- Set up retail stores
- Set up E-commerce
- Organize fairs

Our sales channels are such as whole sellers, confectionary- and food distributors, super markets, delicatessen shops, department stores, convenient stores, high end retail shops, fancy goods shops and some other specific market such as Airlines, Hotels and Restaurants.

Our goal is to continue to be a specialist in confectionary- and food products importing business and to collaborate with our European manufacturers in developing innovative products and opening up new market possibilities from a long-tem perspective.


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